Our privacy and cookies policy

In this policy, we explain how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information when you use our products and services and our website.

GOLDEN HEARTS NEVER DIE COLLECTION (goldenheartsneverdie.com)  is committed to respecting your privacy. We take privacy, security and complying with data protection and privacy laws seriously.

Information we collect about you

The types of information we collect about you when you visit and interact with this site are:

-Your contact details such as name and email address where you have contacted us through this site; or

-If you have agreed to cookies, data such as your site preferences or language settings. We can also use this information in an aggregate manner to understand how our visitors navigate this site so we can make it better.

When we collect your personal information

We collect your personal information when you:

-Browse and interact with the vodafone.com website; or

-Use our contact forms to get in touch or register your interest.

GOLDEN HEARTS NEVER DIE COLLECTION will process your personal data based on:

1. Our legitimate business interests, for example, direct marketing and improvement of our services. Whenever we rely on this lawful basis to process your data, we assess our business interests to make sure they do not override your rights. Additionally, in some cases you have the right to object to this processing. For more information, visit the Your Rights section of this policy.

2. Consent you provide where GOLDEN HEARTS NEVER DIE COLLECTION does not rely on another legal basis. Consent will always be presented separately to you, can be withdrawn at any time and you will be given details on how to change your mind.

Maintaining this website and providing you with any services requested through it

For example, when you contact us through this site, we’ll use your information to ensure you get the right information and response.

To personalise this website and track its performance

Because of the way this website operates, we may also use information from your browser or browsing activities to personalize the site or route you to relevant information. For example, we may use web-log information, cookies or web beacons in ways that help us maintain some of your site preferences or understand how our visitors navigate the site so we can make it better.

You can choose whether or not to allow cookies or web beacons using your browser preferences. To find out more about cookies and your choices, visit the Cookies section of this statement.

How long we keep your personal information for

We’ll store your information for as long as we have to by law. If there’s no legal requirement for us to retain the data, we’ll only store it for as long as we need to.

Keeping your personal information secure

We have specialised security teams who constantly review and improve our measures to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction.

Communications over the internet (such as emails) aren’t secure unless they’ve been encrypted. Your communications may go through a number of countries before being delivered, as this is the nature of the internet.

We cannot accept responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of personal information that is beyond our control.

We’ll never ask for your secure personal or account information by an unsolicited means of communication. You’re responsible for keeping your personal and account information secure and not sharing it with others.

Our website may provide links to third-party websites. We cannot be responsible for the security and content of such third-party websites. So make sure you read that company’s privacy and cookies policies before using or putting your personal information on their site.

The same applies to any third-party websites or content you connect to using our products and services.

You may choose to disclose your information in certain ways such as social plug-ins (including those offered by Google, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) or using third-party services that allow you to post reviews or other information publicly, and a third party could use that information.

Social plug-ins and social applications are operated by the social network themselves and are subject to their own terms of use and privacy and cookies policies. You should make sure you’re familiar with these.

Your rights

Under the law, you have a number of rights that you can exercise free of charge. We have included a summary of these below; if you would like to discuss or exercise any of these, please contact us through the details provided.

Right to correct personal data

If you believe any of the personal data we hold about you is incorrect, you can request we update it.

Right to access personal data

You have a right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you, and how it has been processed.

Right to data portability

In some circumstances, you have the right to receive the personal information about you which you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit this data to a third party.

Right to object to use of personal data

Where we are processing your data for the purposes of direct marketing, or any legitimate interests that GOLDENHEARTSNEVERDIE is reliant upon, you can object at any time to this processing.

Right to restrict use of your data

In some circumstances, you can request that we temporarily suspend the processing of your data.

Right to erasure

In some circumstances, such as where we no longer have a justifiable reason to continue to process your data, you can request we delete it.

How to lodge a complaint

If you have a complaint, you can contact us on the details provided. We’ll do our best to help but if you’re still unhappy, you can contact the ICO, which is the UK data protection regulator – their details are at www.ico.org.uk.

Our cookie policy

This cookie policy applies for cookies described below which may be placed when you visit different pages on the www.goldenheartsneverdie.com domain for example some may be set when you first visit www.goldenheartsneverdie.com.

In this cookie policy we explain what cookies are, how we use them and how you can manage them for both our site and other websites you might use.

What are cookies

Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website. The cookies mean that the website will remember you and how you’ve used the site every time you come back.

If you want to know more about cookies, head to aboutcookies.org. (Please note: This link opens a new window or browser tab).

What are cookies

Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone when you visit a website. The cookies mean that the website will remember you and how you’ve used the site every time you come back.

If you want to know more about cookies, head to aboutcookies.org. (Please note: This link opens a new window or browser tab).

How we use cookies

We use cookies to make our website work, or work more efficiently. We also use cookies to track what you’ve done on the site so we can understand what you like and use or don’t like and don’t use to provide a more enjoyable, customised service and experience, as well as to help us develop and deliver better content, products and services tailored to our customers‘ interests and needs.
Our cookies don’t hold personal information such as your name. They simply let us find information once you’re logged in or help link your browsing information to you and your personal information when you choose to register for a service, white paper or newsletter.
To do this we sometimes use persistent cookies. We take looking after your personal information seriously – we’re always monitoring and improving how we protect it.
We’ve put our cookies into the following categories, to make it easier for you to understand why we need them:

1.  Strictly necessary – these are used to help make our website work efficiently;

2.  Performance – these are used to analyse the way our website works and how we can improve it for example which pages you visit the most often and if you get any error messages from web pages;

3.  Functionality – these help to enhance your experience by doing things like remembering choices you make and provide a more enhanced, personal features; and

4. Targeting/advertising – these are used to share some information with third parties who we advertise with, so we know how you’ve reached our website. We can also use cookies to identify the parts of the website you are interested in. We then use this information to show you adverts and pages we think may also be of interest to you, to tailor how we communicate with you, or to tailor the contents of the communications we send to you. If you prefer, you can opt out of these. Tailoring of content means it includes information reflecting the interest you’ve shown in the content of our web pages, or offers or promotions that we think may interest you, and to improve how we respond to your needs.

First party cookies:

First party cookies originate from the same domain as the website you’re currently visiting (in this case, goldenheartsneverdie.com).

Third party cookies

Third party cookies originate from a domain that’s different to the website being visited. For example, when you visit our website, we may link to another company’s website – like our Facebook or Twitter account, or a video from our YouTube page.

So, when you ‚Like‘ or ‚Tweet‘ an item from our website, these sites may sometimes put cookies on your computer. We don’t control how they use their cookies, so we suggest you check their website to see how they’re using them and how you can manage them.

Controlling your cookies

You can control how you use cookies in your browser. If you don’t know what browser you’re using, find out by:

·     PC users: Go to ‘Help’ in your browser and choosing ‘About’.

·     Mac users: Click on the Apple menu and choose ‘About’.

How to check cookies are enabled for PCs

Google Chrome

1.   Click the menu button (three horizontal bars) at the top right of your browser window and select ’Settings’ then ‘Show advanced settings…

2.   Locate the ‚Privacy‘ heading, and select ‚Content settings‘

3.  Now select ‚Allow local data to be set‘

     Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 / Microsoft Edge

1.  Click on the ‘Settings’ icon (looks like a cog) at the top right of your browser window and select ‚Internet options‘, then click on the ‚Privacy‘ tab

2.  Ensure that your Privacy level is set to Medium or below, which will enable cookies in your browser

3.  Settings above Medium will disable cookies

     Mozilla Firefox

1.  Click the menu button (three horizontal bars) at the top right of your browser window and select Options

2.  Then select the Privacy icon

3.  Click on Cookies, then select ‚allow sites to set cookies‘

How to check cookies are enabled for Macs

Safari on OX X

1.  Click on ‚Safari‘ at the top of your browser window and select the ‚Preferences‘ option

2.  Click on ‚Privacy‘

3.  Select ‚Allow from websites I visit‘

Block cookies

If you’d like to find out how to stop websites using cookies to remember what sites you visit, choose your browser from the list. This will take you to the browser’s respective page where you can manage your cookies and site data:




Internet Explorer

If you change your cookie settings in your browser, your experience with us won’t be tracked.

Information on controlling and deleting cookies is also available at http://allaboutcookies.org